Have You Grabbed Your PayPal.Me Link Yet?

Get In Early And Secure Your Own PayPal.me Payment Link Now

A few days ago (Early September 2015)  PayPal released a new service called PayPal.me. It’s an exciting new service that simplifies getting paid online.

Before you go grab your new link, one word of warning… PayPal at the present time, only allows one link per PayPal account. So think carefully as once you opt for a link it cannot be changed, even if you make a spelling mistake you are stuck with it!

You can have multiple PayPal accounts, personal, business etc. so if you have several accounts, you can choose several PayPal.me links.

Things to consider when you choose your PayPal.me name. Do you want to promote your business or your name? Some people have a brand that they would prefer to use over their name.

If you are in several niches you may opt to use your name like I did. My link is https://www.paypal.me/SandraHarris

Click on that link and you will see a nice clean payment button where people can determine the amount they wish to pay you.

But, if say I wanted to ask $25 for a service, all I do is add/25 after my link. Easy peasy 🙂


I hear you saying yes, but once people know how that works they will change the 25 to 5 or whatever…

This is true, but if it’s for a service they won’t do that unless they are unscrupulous but even then you don’t do the work unless the deposit is paid correctly. We will delve more into this later in this article.

This is an exciting new service and it’s a bit like the beginning of the internet when we could grab many domains in our names, but as more people bought domains it got harder to secure your own name unless you got in early or have a very unique name.

So folks, the reason I am telling you about this service is so you can go and get your name or brand now before it’s too late. Some countries have not had PayPal.me set up yet so if it isn’t available for you just yet hopefully it will be soon.

It’s totally free and is linked directly to your PayPal account.

Visit PayPal.me and you will see the form below. Click the Get Started Button.



When you type in your name it will tell you if it’s still available or not. If not they will give you some suggestions.


Here is what PayPal say about their new service. It’s a fast and easy way to get paid from family, friends and even business dealings. Say for example a crowd goes out for dinner, instead of a lot of bills why not pick up the tab and have everyone PayPal you their share. It can be done instantly from their smart phones. Friends and family can quickly send money with no questions asked.


Go grab your PayPal.me link now… then we will discuss what you can do with this service. If your name has been taken already consider using a middle initial, be creative.

Got it? Great! No-one can use this link now, it is yours 🙂

So what can we do with our PayPal.me links?

You can add them to your websites and add a button that says “Buy me a beer” or a coffee.”

Anyone that is happy with the value you have shared can quickly send you a tip. Everyone tips in restaurants, hairdressers, hotels.. why not get a tip for the value you freely give to your readers?

Add the links to free reports and articles and even give things away with your PayPal.me link and ask them to pay what they feel the report is worth.

Be sure to add your link in the reports and if they go viral you could get quite a few payments into your PayPal account you wouldn’t ordinarily have had.

I strongly advise against abusing this system as it could cost you your PayPal account.Buy Me A Coffee

There are tons of ways you can generate extra cash using this method, what will you do with your new PayPal.me link?

Send me your ideas please, and if you managed to get in early and grab your name for your link, feel free to buy me a coffee!  Cheers!


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