Free ClickBar, A Call to Action Bar With Scarcity Timer Built In

As you may have noticed, when we add scarcity to our offers it increases conversions dramatically. I know when I am considering an offer I sometimes look to see how long it is available for and if it’s a few days I will decide later whether or not I really want it. It’s human nature, the problem for most of us is that we forget and never go back to get it…

However, if there is a countdown timer then we automatically feel the need to act quickly to make a decision to buy and get it now! Scarcity, like it or hate it, it simply works!

I have tried several countdown timers in the past but all were quite complicated and didn’t display properly on my sites. I gave up in the end until I came across ClickBar.

My free gift for you today is a brilliant piece of software, Free ClickBar plugin that adds a beautiful call to action scarcity bar to any page or post. You can add it to sales pages, offers and just use your imagination as to how this little click bar can help in your business.

This is how ClickBar works…

You can create multiple little click bars for your website. Colors can be changed to suit your brand. It is incredibly easy to use simply create your scarcity bars and add the code to any page. It keeps the countdown timer in the face of your readers along with a call to action… just perfect!

It is 100% FREE for you to download and use, my Free ClickBar gift to you.

The only thing I would ask is that you give me a “like’ or tweet or Google+ share, whichever you like to use.

You can see how incredibly “visible” this call to action bar is… you can change colors and texture of the background. You can redirect the visitor to anywhere you like 🙂 Get your FREE copy today!

[clickbar id=”1″]