Ever Considered Creating a Mobile Ap Business and Jumping on This Trending Bandwagon?

How to Get Started With Your Very Own Mobile Ap Business

I know many people are struggling with Internet marketing and earning the income we were all “promised” when we bought numerous IM courses.

When I am on webinars I notice that the same people are attending and buying shiny new objects in an attempt to find something that actually works.

The sad part is, for the majority of “would be” entrepreneurs,  we tend to spend thousands of dollars and work our butts off just to remain stagnant and not earning a dime online. Or certainly not the pina colada lifestyle!

The fact is if you want to see success online you must decide on one niche and stick with it. Follow programs you have purchased faithfully until you see results.

Hopping from one shiny object to the next will get you nowhere fast. Trust me I was guilty of this when I first started out online. Too many niches and too little energy to really do my best when spread so thin.

Today I want to get you thinking about something else other than internet marketing.

It’s the mobile ap craze. You can earn an income by giving away free mobile aps. It can be anything really, game aps, tutorial aps, recipe aps… people download the aps on their iphone, android or ipad and you earn commissions.

I know it sounds weird you can make money by giving something away for free but it’s the advertisers that pay for the aps.

Just think Candy Crush, or Angry Birds. These are both free ap games that earn their creators a small fortune in revenue.

Not technically savvy? It’s okay you don’t need to be. Patric Chan has reduced the cost of his ap coaching program to under $10, this is the same coaching that he sold for hundreds of dollars – $494.

The only difference is he is removing the one-on-one coaching part of this course and who can blame him? For the price of a fast food meal you can learn all about the different aps you can create and how to give them away free to earn revenue.

Now to be transparent here, Patric is NOT teaching you how to create/write the aps, he has no clue in that regard, he is just an expert on step-by-step training to get your own ap business up and running fast.

The actual aps you develop will be outsourced to programmers.

If you are tired of running about in the internet marketing arena with little to no success then you may like to jump on board this trending ap creation business.

Facebook and Google paid a billion dollars to acquire Instagram, just for their database.

This six week video training will walk you through the process of getting started with a solid ap business that could potentially bring in  an enormous income stream for many years to come.

If this seems like something you’d be interested in, get in now before the price goes up. As I said earlier it’s under a tenner and the potential is out of this world. 😉 You just need to follow the training and do each step along the way.


Create Your Own Ap Business

I like this quote from Joe Vitale, so many of us fail to act and wonder why we are no further ahead…

NOW is the time. The Universe likes SPEED. Don’t delay, don’t second-guess, don’t doubt. When the opportunity or impulse is there… ACT!”
– Joe Vitale

Act on your passion