What Is The Best Trait To Have For Online Success?

Which is Best? Self-Confidence or Experience?

live life to the fullestI recently got involved in a debate with a fellow entrepreneur about what is holding most people back from achieving success, his argument was lack of experience but personally I feel it’s a lack of confidence. We agreed to differ πŸ™‚

What do you feel has been the main reason you haven’t achieved success online, or what held you back early on from making money online?

For me it was definitely lack of self-confidence. I was afraid to put myself out there for fear of ridicule. I had to make doubly sure I knew my “stuff.” I personally believe experience comes when we gain more confidence to do what we have learned by putting it into practice.

Maybe it’s a chicken and egg situation. Those that feel experience is the key to success probably have more self-confidence to begin with!

I am an introvert, I am very happy once I get to know people and I feel comfortable. But, I do not actively throw myself out there, again it comes down to self-confidence. I have always had my own businesses, I have tried my hand at a good variety of professions from being a self-employed real estate and mortgage broker to owning a newsagents and even a pet store. I loved everything I have done but I am happiest working from home doing internet marketing.

I guess it satisfies the “introvert” me.

Having said that, it’s good to push boundaries and sometimes push outside our comfort zones. If we don’t, we fail to grow and expand our horizons as we need to be doing.

Fake your self-confidence. If like me you lack self-confidence to get certain things done, just fake it, by this I mean pretend you are confident and do the task that needs to get done. What you will find is it wasn’t as bad as you had perceived it to be. The more you do this the more your confidence will grow.

Ralph Waldo EmersonI love this quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson, Life is a Journey, not a destination. Too many of us are so hell bent on “getting there’ that we fail to appreciate the journey. We are not “happy” until we lose those extra 20lbs, we are not satisfied with making a few hundred or thousand online we want to make that million. I honestly feel if we enjoy the ride we would grow and expand our horizons so much faster.

Life is for the living, do your work, expand your outlook and appreciate all the small things in your life. This also means taking time out for your family. Many of us that work from home get into a rut and work all the hours we possibly can to “make it” but this can lead to stagnation. We need a break, a breather if you will to take stock and to come back and attack things with a whole new outlook.

Knowledge is power, we learn new things every day and I am always happy when I have that “aha” moment. This helps us grow and gain experience. Experience comes with “doing.” The more you do the more experience you gain from it. Failing is all part of experience.

Thomas Edison, it is said, failed allegedly 10,000 times, he was quoted as sayingΒ  “I have not failed 10,000 times, I’ve successfully found 10,000 ways that will not work.” Edison was full of ideas and he wasn’t scared to put them to the test.

Eventually he had astonishing results and he has gone down in history because of it.

How does this relate to the internet marketing world we are in?

I believe we should take a chip off Edison’s shoulder and try out our ideas and build experience along with self-confidence.

If we don’t at least try we have already failed right? So where’s the harm in at least trying?

Put your lack of confidence aside, try to think positive thoughts and get started building your business today.

Openly share your opinions and ideas with others, build a network of like-minded people you can interact with daily.

Slowly but surely you will get there πŸ™‚

I have shared my thoughts and feelings, now it’s time to share your thoughts.

What do you think holds you back from success? Confidence or experience?







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