Mark Schaefer Discusses Ways To Boost Your Website Content

How We Can Ignite Our Website Content

An interesting interview with Mark Schaeffer, a marketing strategist and Mike Allton of SiteSell.

Mark explains well why we only see a small portion of content shared on platforms such as Facebook. The first content they remove is business content so if you are trying to market on Facebook it is becoming harder to get it seen.

Unless your content is seen by readers you are pouring money down the drain in your advertising efforts..

This video will help you understand the current trend and generate fresh ideas to get your valuable content out there for people to see and share.

At 26 minutes into the video you will find Mark addresses “solopreneurs” with some awesome advice on what you need to do to get started in your buusiness…

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Having unique content is the key to successful online business but rehashed crapola is not what it takes to be successful and to get content shared virally.